Desert Spring – The development of a sustainable and circular leather

Nera in corporation with Enviu and SN Botanicals is developing a revolutionary, circular, metal- and chrome free tanning concept based on the extract of the Sea buckthorn plant. The concept is called ‘DesertSpring’ (bringing back life to deserted grounds) while making the leather value chain more sustainable.

The positive impact of DesertSpring

Traditional leather tanning is often tanned with heavy metals like chromium or hazardous fossil substances like glutaraldehyde (GDA). DesertSpring is a metal free and bio-based alternative that poses a great opportunity to

  • replace fossil and metal-based tanning agents
  • cleaner leather production (e.g. metal, salt and acids free tanning)
  • set a step towards circular leather, based on biological ingredients

DesertSpring is a unique joint venture

At Nera, we know that you cannot launch bolt innovations on your own. DesertSpring is a strong joint-venture of Smit & Zoon, SN Botanicals and Enviu. Together, we strive for excellence and impact.

Read more on the DesertSpring website:

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